Where you can see us, where we will be present our books:
14. a 15. October 2016
Books Trade Fair Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic

Our authors

Our authors, writing for publishing house - Birmingham Books Publishing Ltd.


Lea Vojteková

Mrs. Vojteková lives in the Czech Republic. She comes from Slovakia and she writes in Czech even Slovak languages.

Here is what she wrote on her blog » Lea Vojteková blog «.

She's one of the most popular bloggers, which expressed to the actual and painful issues in Czech Republic, v Europe and even at all world.

Mrs. Vojteková see the facts very sharp and undistorted.

Štefan Meško

Mr. Meško a man living for several years in the UK, ctraveler, writer, cook with original recipes, and with proven recipes from around the world.

For his pleasure He gathers his incredible book of recipes. Every single one of them he cooked, each one of them took pictures, and all of them boarders tasted.

This recipes usually aren't complicated, they aren't expensive and are the incredibly creative. From soups, appetizers, through preparation vegetables, meat, fish, to the desserts, fruit and to sweets.

It's a variety of recipes from old traditional British, to via northern European and southern Europe, to the Far East nations.

Lenka Cardová

Miss Cardová live in the Czech Republic, she is a painter, illustrator and poet.

You can look at pictures of her, which presents on her website » World of energy «.

She writes fairy tales and draws and paints illustrations, jboth for her enjoyment and pleasure, but for others as well. She is into a driving force, which helps in education specific children in faraway Cambodia.

She doesn't to do it, because that she need talk about her it in connection with, or through money someone else. She is given it no subsidies or grants, but merely and only for their own money.

Miloslav Kejval

Mr. Kejval was a long time economist at the collective farm Hides and Golčův Jeníkov, director of company Kejval CZ sro, a family bakery in Golčův Jeníkov. Check the website » Pekárna Jeníkov «. It is a modern bakery producing many kinds of bread, bakery with a long tradition run by people who do not have anything to play and people love them.

Mr. Kejval is a man who drove his camper, large living Mercedes, literally criss-cross Europe from north to south, from West to East.

Mr. Kejval also perfectly describes the difficulties of travel and traveling to the Canary Islands, because over the years, he says, there has been slow at home.

Stanislav Jalovec

Mr. Jalovec from the Czech Republic is a historian and warrior.

A man who did not choose an enemy, did not seek him, provoke, did not start. The enemy chooses the battlefield, strategy, tactics and weapons, but not the fight.

Fighter in the sense of a man addressing a previous crisis. Man trying to do something instead of doing nothing and just passively staring at his enemy.

For those who would be interested his poetry or prose, here link: » Voják «
According to his words, it is necessary to watch history as it really was: easy, warts and all, as by omitting political views.

Václav Řehák

Pan Řehák is from the Czech Republic, lives in the United Kingdom. He writes and also, travels, works and lives on full power.
link: » Václav Řehák«

He was not afraid to go into a world, where everything is not pre-determined and clear and neat, and take an experience life from the rugged site. As he says, it is important to go to the root of the problem.

He likes the freedom, mountains, sea, traveling, women, sanity, clean shoes, history, good music, pictures, books, chamomile scent, roast suckling pig ...
He also enjoys good food, beer, wine and intelligent humour.