Where you can see us, where we will be present our books:
14. a 15. October 2016
Books Trade Fair Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic

Frequently ask question - and answers

  1. Where can I buy a book, you present?
    Anywhere in book distribution on the Internet, on any links that are posted on which options to buy our books.
  2. Send me the book that you issued, and that is not currently in the shop on my home address must be on delivery?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to provide. Distribution of a single book in the UK is very expensive and you would be unpleasantly surprised final price of the shipment.
    But if you send us an email, please contact your distributor, and we will try to ensure the book. If books are not already in stock, yet will still be a sufficient amount of people interested in buying a book. Of course we reprint a book to get distributors.
  3. Can you put me in touch with the author of the book you released?
    If the author has a public address and includes contact and is listed on the website of Birmingham Books Publishing Ltd. If not, we cannot make decisions for authors, whether or not they want to meet with you specifically.
    But in any case, our authors will conduct public readings, a public baptism books, book signings, will participate in book fairs, and there you can catch them.
  4. I am an author, can you publish my book? And how much will it cost?
    Yes, this is among the first questions that lay people. Everyone wants to be clear.
    So all the calculations and prices will give you, if your handwriting will accept our publishing house for publication. Then we will pay, and that according to the contract between us and you. And royalties. Copyrighted work will continue to be yours. However, such rights to release the book in the Czech Republic or the translation and publication should be here in the UK, will handle 100% agreement. We do nothing without a contract!
    If you are interested in a book published at his own expense, or our publishers will have spare capacity and we will give you a calculation according to the expected magnitude of the load, the size of the book, on whether it will be a book containing pictures and also the number of images that you wish to paste into your book.
  5. How long will it take to print books?
    It depends on the size and the amount that you speak with us. Ordinary book we are ready to print, including proofreading, container processing, ensuring the ISBN for the book, talking to distributors ..., roughly one and a half months. If materials - ie your own style will meet the conditions set out in section »Support the authors". Extensive course material needs more time. But we are able to release almost everything. Exceptions are materials of such a nature that we refuse to set aside, and those found in paragraph 9. Section »Legal opinion".
  6. Must I conclude a contract with you, if, therefore, I will not pay for the creation of my books and you pay me the contrary, after printing and sales royalties?
    Yes. Without a contract will not even perform editorial work, neither corrections nor to process graphics, or ensure distribution. Without contract we cannot.
  7. Must my book contain the announced your advertising, your link to the publishers and the like?
    Yes, your book must contain links to our publishers and below. it is a law. Without that's simply impossible. It is an integral part of the book.
  8. What guarantee do I have that my book actually print?
    And what do we have? We put ours name, ours reputation and ours skill and knowledge. For that, we ask only that our relationship was legally treated Treaty.
    However, the book we actually will print. Either the author, who will have a contract with our publishers and our publishers, will write.
    Or as the sponsor who will let us print with his book at his own expense. If you disagree with this, so we can recommend only: You have to go somewhere else.
  9. Can I use your services while you are a company operating abroad?
    Yes, of course you can. Internet is free, market books is free. Your books will be printed in the language in which you write and your readers do not recognize the difference whether your book will be printed by our publishing house or someone else.
  10. It is indeed absolutely necessary to observe and respect all the conditions that are specified in the legal opinion?
    Yes it is necessary! If by any chance going to violate this Agreement or not to follow it and to disregard our legal opinion, or not to comply with the agreed conditions, contact prefer someone else. We will not violate the law for anyone!
  11. I haven't got any good basis for creating envelopes and still want effective presentation of my book. Can you give me for my future book do some graphic design, that the book will sold well?
    Yes we can, but you have to account with the fact that the graphics work you will pay. Anyway, the fact is that almost no one has prepared documents so that they can be without modifications, to send the manuscript to print. So actually, all books are treated. But at least the basic idea would be still useful to deliver the manuscript.
  12. You could use your service and your service must be your customer? I have to have with your contract?
    Yes you must, otherwise it is not. Without the contractual relationships will be no services. Conditions for use of our services are more than accommodating.
  13. Can I terminate the contract with Birmingham books Publishing Ltd.?
    Of course we can, in accordance with the laws of Great Britain and contract with you as the author conclude. As the Company Birmingham Books Publishing Ltd. it is a British company and its headquarters is located in the British Isles, and therefore also subject to the jurisdiction of the UK.
  14. Need I to be an entrepreneur; I could use your services?
    No, you do not.
  15. Must I be of legal age, if I could use your services?
    Yes you have to be, if you want us to publish a book. If you just want read our books, then of course, and you don't to be.

Václav Řehák
Director of Birmingham Books Publishing Ltd.