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Support for authors

How correctly to reach publishers, and offer to publish your manuscript.

If you have not completed the manuscript, it is quite unnecessary to call any publisher that one day in the future; you want to publish a book. Automatically in the eyes of publishers move into position: once, maybe, we'll see, in the long term ... Whether you want to or not, it looks unserious. And certainly you do not want to be there.

However, if you already have a manuscript written by him and you are interested in our issue, it is necessary to observe the following guidelines.

  1. Select the right publisher. So those which is engaged in similar work.. It is our publishers?
  2. Never send an e-mail right away in the first manuscript.
  3. Send earliest informative email about yourselves. About you, about your experiences copyright information about whether you have something somewhere went, whether you have your websites, whether you're writing a blog, contributing to the magazine, have scientific publications...
  4. Such information please email right from the beginning so that he could anyone from publishing a look at your creation.
  5. Definitely include your education and age, it is even better to attach your Curriculum Vitae your resume.
  6. Offer publishing his manuscript in a few paragraphs, clearly and concisely. None of the editors will read the full page of text on a future book by an unknown author. And attach one, two pages of the text of the manuscript.
  7. Indicate why you think, that your manuscript could attract readers.
  8. Indicate the last time, and who wrote a similar book, and what is your book different than she already written book. And specify how many books on similar subject published over the last three years. This really seek. Show us that you are really interested in the book out.
  9. Write for the target group is determined manuscript.
  10. Write whom exactly the name of a person from publishing - our redactors are listed in section »Contact« - sending his manuscript.
  11. Tell us why you're reaching now our publishers.
  12. Write about what goes genre. To the readers, the book is intended. Fairy tales, poems, fiction, non-fiction etc.
  13. Just here to ask in an email that you may send the manuscript for inspection.
  14. Then enter further into e-mail, how long will you wait for the answer before offering his manuscript to another publisher.
  15. Say goodbye to your full name, add address, phone number, email, website, the link to the blog.
  16. Reads please carefully to our »Legal opinion" and in particular Item 9. Where reserve governs copyright works, we will reject without giving a reason.
  17. If one of our editors will not want to answer, although we will try to answer all e-mails did not induce him to do so.
  18. Never offer further publishing the manuscript at the same time, if you send it to us. If you do it, would it take our manuscript as well as other publishers - the manuscript will not be published. And even if you would like to publish it at your own cost.
    We will not cooperate with rogue authors. This confirms you every publisher. And none of the surveyed publishers with you has never been any agreement on the publication of the book is closed.
  19. If you, after that period you have set, for example 4 weeks or 6 weeks, nobady from the publishers answer. Try to call publishers, write an email to remind. Find out whether your email anybody dealt with and you really have to offer or manuscript to another publisher.
  20. If our publishing house takes over your manuscript, you will have to contact a particular redactor who will judge it. But do not call him or her right now and certainly not every other day. Don't call him or her a daily questions about how he or her liked the manuscript.
  21. If the redactor who has your book to hear a charge in an agreed deadline, call him or her.

If you follow the above points, we will not be publishing your manuscript certainly ignore. We will respond either positively, and your manuscript becomes a book or negative, but I will answer you. Which is very important. Because you'll know that you either take and go, or you communicate to our editor why you come out with, and what you have to correct and improve.

Remember that the manuscript is suitable for publication of the book must have:

  1. The home page of the book - as you can imagine it, and how you see it. Probably it will be changed, but the editor has something to build on, and it will not do for you. This manuscript rather declines.
  2. Manuscript pages must be numbered. It does not matter whether at the edges or centre of the page, but mostly down. On each page should be in the header of the author's name and title of the work. Also indicate the number of words in the manuscript - you'll find on your computer.
  3. The manuscript should contain grammatical errors. It is an obstacle when reading the manuscript. And the editor of this will feel good. You concealer corrects manuscript, if it comes, however. So, you'd better check grammar.
  4. The manuscript must be aligned in paragraphs and chapters. Stylistically properly, without long sentences, where the reader loses, still without repeating the same words. Without confusing and unintelligible sentences.
  5. Pay more attention to the changes, and several times after another manuscript to read. You'll be surprised how many errors you can find, and how many treatments you still have to do before the manuscript is ripe to offer publishers.
  6. Keep in mind that every reader will build on your book critically. Each! So keep your work to sophisticated enough, and try to write about a topic about which you are sure that you know something.
  7. Have enough confidence first, second, third, you cannot fail to deter. You're amazing; just do not know yet your surroundings.
  8. If, however, still even after many repetitions, no one will want to give your book, take it at your own expense should be in our publishing house. And we do this and we can.

Václav Řehák
Director of Birmingham Books Publishing Ltd.